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Plant Extract Plant

Plant Extract Plant

The most important task of processing medicinal plant materials is to preserve the entire complex of biologically active substances of plants.
Processing of medicinal plant materials includes the following main stages:

  • raw material preparation,
  • vacuum circulation extraction
  • cleaning,
  • vacuum evaporation and
  • vacuum spray drying.

At each stage, we solve the problem of selecting and maintaining optimal technological parameters for each type of medicinal herbs, which would allow the maximum extraction and preservation of biologically active substances characteristic of the initial plant material.

Processing and production of licorice extract

Processing and production of licorice extract

Useful properties of licorice
It has anti-inflammatory properties, has a corticosteroid-like effect.

  • It supports the normal functional state of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, bronchi, increases the production of protective mucus
  • Reduces spasm of smooth muscles of the bronchi, intestinal wall, bile ducts
  • Has an estrogen-like effect

Flavonoid compounds are a source of antiulcer and choleretic drugs (liquivirton, flacarbin, chalcorin).

However, in most known technological methods, it is proposed to obtain either one or another product.

Therefore, our company has developed a comprehensive technology for processing licorice root with an in-depth study of the chemical composition and simultaneous production of triterpene and flavonoids.

Milk Powder Processing Plants and Machines

Milk Powder Processing Plants and Machines

We supply Complete

  • Milk Processing Plants and Machines
  • UHT Milk Processing Plants and Machines
  • Butter Processing Plants and Machines
  • Casein Processing Plants and Machines
  • Cheese Processing Plants and Machines
  • Condensed Milk Processing Plants and Machines
  • Cream Processing Plants and Machines
  • Egg Products Processing Plants and Machines
  • Eggs Processing Plants and Machines
  • Ice Cream Processing Plants and Machines
  • Lactose Processing Plants and Machines
  • Milk Processing Plants and Machines
  • Milk Powder Processing Plants and Machines
  • Other Dairy Processing Plants and Machines
  • Whey Powder Processing Plants and Machines
  • Yogurt Processing Plants and Machines

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Evaporated Milk Plant

Evaporated Milk Plant

Evaporated Milk is a sterilized product. The product finds a large market in tropical countries. It is used where fresh milk is not available. It is also used in cooking and as a Coffee/Tea Whitener.


The manufacturing process for the evaporated milk involves precision standardization of the fat content and the dry solids contents. This is followed by heat treatment which partly destroys the microbes present in the milk. The heat treated milk is then fed to an evaporator, where it is concentrated up to 26% (8% Fat and 18% SNF). The milk is then homogenized (homogenizer) before being cooled. Checks are carried out on the coagulation stability of the milk before it is packaged in the sterilized cans. The product is then placed in an autoclave for sterilization. Finally the cans are cooled before storage.

ApplicationMilk Powder
Automation GradeSemi-Automatic
BrandSSP India
Capacity500 litres/hr
Equipment TypeEvaporated Milk Plant
Product RangeMilk Products

The different stages in the production of evaporated milk are:

  • Standardization
  • Evaporation
  • Homogenization through homogenizer
  • Cooling & Inspection
  • Packaging
  • Sterilization
  • Cooling
  • Storage.
Malted Milk Plant

Malted Milk Plant

Malted Milk is a powdered food product made from mixing of standardized milk, malt extract with wheat flour, and cereal grains in such manner as to secure complete hydrolysis of the starchy material, which is evaporated until it forms a high viscous solution which is then dried in a Vacuum Tray Dryer / Vacuum Band Dryer.

The manufacturing process consists of the following stages

  • Blending of ingredients like malt extract, milk or milk powder, grain flour etc in required proportion.
  • Concentration of the slurry in evaporator.
  • Vacuum Drying of the concentrate.
  • Pulverization of the dried product.
  • Packaging of malted food.
  • Storage.
Casein & Whey Processing Plant

Casein & Whey Processing Plant

Whey comprises of 80-90% of the total volume of milk entering in the cheese making and casein manufacturing. Whey contains soluble proteins, lactose, vitamins & minerals. Sweet whey is produced when cheese or casein is precipitated by rennet. Acid whey is produced when mineral acid is used to precipitate cheese or casein.

The Flow diagram of steps to process whey is as under: