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A high-shear granulator consists of a cylindrical or conical mixing bowl, a three bladed impeller, a chopper, an auxiliary chopper, a motor to drive the blades and a discharge pot. By either circulating hot or cool liquid or steam through the jacket, the mixing bowl is jacketed for heating or cooling the contents of the bowl as the case may be.

The high-shear wet granulation process using high-shear granulator can be divided into 5 stages and they included;

  1. Powder mixing
  2. Binder addition or addition of granulating liquid.
  3. Wetting of powder and nucleation
  4. Growth of granules and densification of the powder.
  5. Granule attrition and breakage.

high shear mixer granulator is an enclosed container with a range of blending equipment that process the powder either from below, above or sideways. The end result/output of this process is a round and compact granule.